Stewart Coffin

Stewart Coffin has been called "the most outstanding designer and maker of interlocking puzzles that the world has ever seen". He is credited with over four hundred designs spanning a huge variety of genres, including striking polyhedral sculptures, ingenious tray-packing challenges, and pioneering examples of interlocking cube puzzles. He has also written extensively on puzzle design and craftsmanship, most notably in his books Geometric Puzzle Design and AP-ART: A Compendium of Geometric Puzzles (see link to the latter below).

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Coffin has worked extensively across numerous puzzle genres (many of which he invented!) His designs are subdivided according to assembled shape; click on one of the categories below for a collection of his puzzles of that type.

Puzzles with the assembled shape of a cube.

Puzzles whose assembled shape is built up from blocks that meet at right angles.

Puzzles that assemble into an interlocking (non-rectilinear) polyhedral form. These are perhaps Coffin's most iconic designs.

Puzzles whose goal is to pack two-dimensional pieces into a flat tray.

Puzzles that are formed by interlocking (non-rectilinear) notched sticks, including stick-and-dowel constructions.

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