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New to 3D puzzle printing? Check out our tutorials page to help you get started.

If you're looking for recommendations on what to print first, this is the place to start. Here you'll find a hand-picked selection of puzzles that showcase the range of designs available on the Printable Puzzle Project.

Our Puzzle Sets are modular sets of pieces that can be combined to make a variety of related puzzles, providing many hours of entertainment from a single print. The sets include numerous classic designs - puzzles that have stood the test of time.

Featured Designers

Stewart Coffin has been called "the most outstanding designer of interlocking puzzles that the world has ever seen". Credited with over four hundred designs and numerous ingenious puzzle genres, Coffin has been a puzzle design trailblazer for more than fifty years.

Yavuz Demirhan is one of the most prolific active puzzle designers, with over five hundred published designs. His internationally reknowned designs have featured at the International Puzzle Party and have been realized by some of the world's top puzzle craftspeople.

László Molnár is well-known for designing puzzles that are based on a seemingly simple idea, but are actually fiendishly difficult. Molnár's designs have won international recognition, including a Top 10 award at the 2019 International Puzzle Party.

Christoph Lohe's output spans an impressive variety of puzzle forms. His designs are both challenging and beautiful, with several incorporating figurative elements, such as the burr puzzle shown here in the shape of a lock.

Alfons Eyckmans specializes in highly complex burr puzzles with intricate interlocking solutions. His designs range from moderately challenging to truly gargantuan, often requiring dozens of moves to remove the first piece. Eyckmans's puzzles are for experienced puzzle solvers (you have been warned!)

Gregory Benedetti has created some of the world's most inventive interlocking puzzles, employing rotational moves, coordinate motions, and unusual combinations of geometries. Each one is an adventure, and many are absolutely unique in the repertoire.

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