Puzzlecad is an OpenSCAD library for modeling mechanical puzzles. It's used in most of the models on this site. This page will be used for updates and related puzzlecad documentation; for an overview of how to get started using puzzlecad, see the Puzzle Modeling tutorial.

What's New in Version 2.2?

Puzzlecad version 2.2 (released 11 March 2021) brings several improvements:

A new packing_box module

The major new feature is a packing_box module for easy modeling of packing puzzle boxes. A thatched pattern is used to create semi-transparency. The packing_box module is described in detail in the puzzlecad-examples.scad file bundled with puzzlecad. Here's one example:







], $burr_scale = 17, $box_wall_thickness = 6, $auto_layout = true);

A few new convenience options

  • The components annotation for diagonal geometry has a new "slice" component for conveniently specifying half-cubes sliced along a diagonal axis.

  • Labels can now specify a custom font with the label_font annotation. Thanks to Tom Burns for contributing this feature.

See puzzlecad-examples.scad for details on the new features.

Removed spurious warnings with OpenSCAD 2021.01

Puzzlecad is now fully compatible with OpenSCAD 2021.01.